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am getting a ton of robot Spam here, so have turned on CAPTCHA for commenters, sorry for the inconvenience to those legitimate people
this was a lot of fun, me interviewed by Ethan Doyle White, just published online probably of interest only to academics and magicko folk reading here http://ethandoylewhite.blogspot..com
jeepers. when a scholar as good as Dan Harms calls something i have a part in, a "landmark" that makes me happy. a good day gets better. http://danharms.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/on-the-shelf-review-pathways-in-modern-western-magic/
just 3 weeks left to buy and scoff at this, or conversely you can have the rest of time to own it and say "I told you the end of the world stuff was nonsense, and this book agrees with me" http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Enduring-Problems-Prophecy-Early-Modern/dp/1905524382

available worldwide :)

I'm am getting some quite good small bits of writing work here http://ow.ly/fxSxC it is never going to be a substitute for day job, but right now it is a good way to earn extra funds in spare time
super new book on history of astrology out - review to follow http://ow.ly/fjdQ3


comments removed for a while as we are getting a lot of robot spam postings, sorry
rituals to preform for Maggie Thatcher : ) http://ow.ly/eHY2R
thanks to Jack Barrow for the link, this is someone else who has been tagged in the Next Big Thing meme, Jaq Hawkins, whose work writing magical books I have a lot of time for. Enjoy!
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Amnesty email petition to Pakistan govt after shooting of schoolgirl who was trying to encourage education for women. http://ow.ly/eBnVJ
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